Citrisil – Waterline Microbial Contaminant Control Tablet (Blue Tablets for 2L Bottles)

Citrisil – Waterline Microbial Contaminant Control Tablet (Blue Tablets for 2L Bottles)

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Citrisil™ is the only all-in-one shock and daily maintenance dental waterline tablet. Use the orange shock tablet in your lines monthly; allowing it to work overnight to kill pre-existing odor causing bacteria. Use the white or blue maintenance tablet in your bottle daily to continuously clean and maintain dental waterlines. Drop in a new maintenance tablet every time a bottle is refilled. The tablet effervesces and continually stays in the lines to prevent bacteria growth while also being safe for patients and staff.


    • SKU: CS-50-2B
    • Cleans and maintains dental unit waterlines to ≤ 10 CFU/ml
    • Shock tablets included to kill pre-existing odor causing bacteria
    • Eliminates the need to empty bottles and purge lines at the end of each day
    • Safe for dental equipment, patients, and clinicians
    • Does not adversely affect composite bond strength
    • Maintains antimicrobial tubing
    • Does not contain oxidizers like iodine or chlorine

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